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Bamboo Airplant Frame

Bamboo Airplant Frame

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Add a piece of living art to your wall with this bamboo airplant frame. Three airplants are mounted on a frame surrounded by three different types of moss, plus wood, lotus pods, black pebbles, dried daisies and preserved sponge mushrooms.

Are you the type of person who goes on a hike & notices the soft moss growing on trees, or the mushrooms dotting the trail or the surprising pops of colour in a mainly green colour scape?

This is what I try to capture in my airplant frames. I want you to imagine the hidden world within the forest - teaming with life & textures & layers of colours.


28.5 cm tall x 19.5 cm wide x 4.9 cm deep 

Care Instructions


Once a week, remove the airplant(s) from the frame and follow the watering instructions provided with your purchase. 

Gently shake off excess water and allow to dry before putting the airplant(s) back onto the frame.

A bright spot in your home with indirect light.


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