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Plant Babies Terrariums



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Crystals and airplants go hand-in-hand.  These crystal airplant holders allow the beauty of both to shine.   Some of these crystals are apophyllite only, some are a combination of apophyllite and stilbite. Their origin is India. These crystals with an airplant held in wire makes a perfect small gift or home decor.


#1:  8 cm long x 6 cm wide x 5 cm tall

#2:  8.5 cm long x 8.5 cm wide  x 6 cm tall

#3:  9 cm long x 5 cm wide x 4 cm tall

#4:  8.5 cm long x 3.5 cm wide x 8 cm tall

#5:  5.5 cm long x 5 cm wide x 5 cm tall

#6: 9 cm long x 7 cm wide x 5.5 cm tall


The plants pictured may be different from the plant you receive. We make every effort to send the same plant, however it is not always possible & depends on what is in stock and healthy.

Care Instructions


Follow the watering instructions provided with your purchase. 

Gently shake off excess water and allow to dry.  

A bright spot in your home with indirect light.

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