How to water airplants and tillandsias

Quick Tips for Watering Airplants

  • Give your tillandsia a soak once a week for 20 - 60 minutes, depending on the type of tillandsia.  When you buy an airplant from Plant Babies Terrariums, I will include a detailed instruction sheet with the recommended watering time for your plant babies.
  • Completely submerge the entire plant in the water.  If your airplant has a flower, try not to soak the flower.
  • Airplants do not like the chlorine in regular tap water. The night before you water your plants, set out a bowl of water to allow the chlorine to dissipate.
  • Water your airplants first thing in the morning so that they can dry properly.
  • After soaking, remove the plant from the water and gently shake out excess water.  
  • Allow it to dry on a towel before putting it back in its display.

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