Airplant Watering Tips

Give your tillandsia a soak once a week for 20 - 60 minutes, depending on the type of tillandsia.

Airplants do not like the chlorine in regular tap water. The night before you water your plants, set out a bowl of water to allow the chlorine to dissipate.

Water your airplants first thing in the morning so that they can dry properly.

After soaking, remove the plant from the water and gently shake out excess water.  

Allow it to dry on a towel before putting it back in its display.

See the videos below for more information!

How to water a tillandsia tectorum

Tectorum "Snowball" is one of the most sought-after and striking varieties of tillandsia. The leaves are thickly covered with trichomes, giving it a soft feel and almost white appearance.  

The care of this variety is different from most air plants - simply mist 2 or 3 times a week and gently shake off excess water.  

Do not soak this plant as soaking will damage the trichomes and the plant will lose its fuzziness.