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Airplant Art Frame - Forest Trail

Airplant Art Frame - Forest Trail

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This tillandsia/airplant frame is reminiscent of a walk through the woods & discovering the beauty of an enchanted forest - with the soft moss growing on trees, mushrooms dotting the trail and the surprising pops of colour in a mainly green colour scape.  It is packed with colour and texture, including moss, preserved flowers, dried sponge mushrooms, dried turkey tail mushroom, seed pods, and of course two airplants.

The back of the frame has a sawtooth hook for hanging.

Size:  20 cm x 20 cm

Care Instructions


Remove the airplant(s) from the frame and follow the watering instructions provided with your purchase. 

Gently shake off excess water and allow to dry before putting the airplant(s) back onto the frame.

A bright spot in your home with indirect light.


Available for shipping in Canada or delivery and pick-up in Montreal.

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